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people, animals, buildings, machines.

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Commissioned by his friends for a unique birthday present. Produced by using a combination of traditional painting and airbrushing.
'Hazel Grove'
Known many years as the “Game Cock”. A pub full of history and character.
Painted for a very special niece, her beautiful horses Dante and Alexis.
Beautiful winter scene of their home made a perfect birthday present, for the man of the house.
PAF scoot club member on a charity run. 95% airbrushed.
A retirement present for Grandad,
CRACKER by name and cracker by nature.

Commissioned by the Brides Mother as a
wedding present. The wedding was
taking place in the beautiful setting of
Herstmonceux Castle


Commissioned for a retirement present for the Chairperson of the High Peak
Theatre Trust, which runs Buxton Opera House


This eight month old German Shepherd is caught in action, sufficiently detailed to show even her puppy teeth, which are evident when you click on the picture to enlarge. Gracie had a lovely nature and made a perfect subject.
Family pets throughout the years were captured on one canvas to produce this portrait ( Individual photos of each dog were used ).
This picture was painted from a photograph I took prior to Emma having an eye operation. I adapted the photo to show what Emma would look like in her full glory after the operation.
This commission was produced from a photo taken by myself. A marvellous subject to paint, very vibrant and fresh, a model of the future perhaps!
This was a surprise present for the owner of the dog. Painted from my client's photo, with the background changed to centre attention on Angus.
A portrait for a proud Grandmother, so life
like you could pick him up for a cuddle!
This portrait was commissioned for a surprise birthday present for Dad..
This portrait was produced from from three difference photographs to give the required bike and facial detail together with the background.
This little girls Grandmother snapped this shot
as she had pulled the top off her lolly & was
quickly stuffing it into her mouth whilst looking
round to see if she had been caught. A wonderful
little character with challenging curly locks.

Again, this was painted from several photographs taken by myself. It actually felt like painting the same person twice, they shared so many facial details.


This cute little lady was photographed dressed
as a fairy & the portrait captures the innocent
suprise on her face.
This was a particularly beautiful portrait to
paint. She had a lovely face which was
enhanced further by the beautiful bouquet
of flowers in the foreground.
Patrolling Turks Head Reservoir near Macclesfield. A photo of Fred and a seperate photo of Turks Head were combined to position Fred in one of his favorite locations.
"The Nags Head"
The Landlady of the Nags Head requested this portrait of the pub as it is now, after seeing a limited edition I had painted, showing the Nags Head several years ago. A nice pub, with good food and friendly bar staff.
Unfortunately - has passed away & the portrait
was requested as a happy reminder of the
years spent together.
The brides mother snapped this romantic shot
& was overwhelmed with the way the portrait
had captured the expression of love & bliss
on the brides face.
A full length portrait was also requested by the
mother to give as a present to the bride & groom.
The romantic purple background beautifully enhanced the wedding gown.
Individual photo's of these young ladies
were combined to produce a fabulous
suprise present for their proud mum & dad.
All dressed up & ready to go. The details were extracted from a group photo to produce this individual portrait.



The two sisters were drawn in delicate
pastels to compliment their fair hair & complection. Two seperate photos were
combined using the settee to bring the
two sisters together.
The brothers managed to sit quietly together
for a school photo which was used to produce
this portrait in stronger pastel colours. The
glasses worn by one son for the photo, were
omitted at the request of Mum,
so his features could be clearly seen.

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