Wendy's Portraits order form.
Please fill in the form below and print a copy to send with your photo and deposit.
Then press the send button. Please e-mail me if you have any questions regards ordering.

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1) The main photograph from which the portrait is to be modelled. Please ensure
    the details are of sufficient size, clear & in focus, the photo to be marked on
    the back "Main Photo".
2) If possible several other photos of the same subject, for reference. Please fill
    in the field 'Qty. of photo's enclosed' including the main photograph.
3) A deposit for 50% of the cost of the portrait in the form of a cheque made
    payable to 'Wendy Carter'.

Forward to:- Wendy Carter, 15 Rydal Avenue, Hazel Grove,
                     Stockport, Cheshire SK7 5AW. England.

Delivery to you will be approximately 3 weeks from receipt of the above
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